Past the portal, you will walk on the paths in the wilderness.

A few steps

La Jarrie

Chief town of canton today,
Lordship in the 13th century on the Royal route from La Rochelle.

La Jarrie

The jarrie

A 5 minutes

The swamp of Rochefort

Its nature pole you will love and learn the Marsh

Marais de Rochefort

Rochefort marshes

Le Lac de Frace – labeled “Family Fishing”

Place conducive to calm, for walks and picnic (more info)

Lac Frace

Lac Frace

Lac Frace

Lac Frace

A 15 minutes


Its casino, his resort and its Thalassotherapy.

Chatelaillon - Casino

Chatelaillon – Casino

Chatelaillon - Plage

Chatelaillon – Beach

Chatelaillon - Thalasso

Chatelaillon – Thalasso

La Rochelle

City of Art and history, City of land and ocean.
The old port and its towers (13th and 14th centuries), the Aquarium and the vast ocean, Marina minimes, its fishing port.

La Rochelle - Vieux port

La Rochelle – Old Port

La Rochelle - port des Minimes

La Rochelle – Port des Minimes

La Rochelle - Aquarium

La Rochelle – Aquarium

A 20 and 30 minutes

The island of Ré – Light on our side

Its beaches, its villages and its vineyards, its saulniers

Ile de ré

Ile de Re

Rochefort – Royal Military City

At the edge of the Charente, visit the Corderie Royale, travel with the chantier de reconstruction from.

Rochefort - Ville militaire

Rochefort – Military town

The Marais Poitevin - forces of man and nature

A natural space 100 000 hectares!

Marais Poitevin

Marais Poitevin

The Bay of Aiguillon and its two facets

Following the tides, the landscape and nature discover along its canals and locks.

Baie de l'aiguillon

Bay sting

A 30 and 60 minutes

Marennes - Oléron

His island, his Oyster Pond and its clear oysters. The island and its fishing port, its vineyards and beaches.

Marennes – Oléron

Marennes - Oléron

Royan - estuary of the Gironde

The beauty of the Wild Coast, the forest of Coubre, the zoo of Palmyre.

Estuaire de la Gironde

Gironde estuary

The Valley of the Charente

The Charente River and the vineyards of Cognac and Pineau.

Vallée de la Charente

Charente valley

Saintes - Romanesque capital

Built on the banks of the Charente in the 1st century a.d., its Gallo-Roman amphitheatre, its Abbey.

Saintes - Mediolanum Santonum

Saintes – Milan Santones